Posted on July 6, 2015
People often think about doing a lot of things in their life but are not sure how to actually implement it in action. Hardships, disappointment, failures often lead to depression and people feel lost not knowing how to utilize their hidden potential. That’s when a Life Coach comes to the rescue to bring clarity into your life and achieve better balance among your professional and personal life. David Shawn Smith an Atlanta based executive whois a professional life coach, having had experience in human development of more than 15 years. Throughout these years, with his interaction with numerous people he has acquired deep knowledge about life and as a life coach he is willing to share his experiences with people who are thriving in life. People these days are evolving with their thoughts and seeking spirituality for which David provides them the right path.
David has expertise in offering executive coaching, life coaching and anger management. Executive Coaching is focused to the individuals and the organizations that are looking for solutions for various aspects. It teaches about the skills which can help develop effective leadership quality among the people in the organization. This program by David will help identify the strengths of the organization and measures that can be taken for the development process and help the managers and executive in overcoming the obstacles and problems they encounter. Executive coaching will also help the organization in succession planning, reducing turnover and conflict management.
Denise Williams, CEO of The Planning Company, LA says, “David has given me the skills to balance my life and remain effective in each job while maintaining balanced and peaceful inner life.”
Through his Life Coaching program David aims to bring out the best potential of the people. This program can help managers, entrepreneurs or anyone else in defining and achieving their goals, to be optimistic and stay happy. He helps people clarify their goals and achieve balance among their professional and personal life. This coaching program is a boon for those who are unable to figure out their purpose and what they want to do in life and helps them identify their passions, interests and the path that can be followed to achieve the same. “David knows how to ask the right questions to bring you to the truth. It’s not always easy work, but David does it with compassion. I’ve been lucky to have David’s ear, and it’s been a privilege to share his insights with my readers,” said Tom Guzzio, Editor, Prodigal’s Chair
The lifestyle changes have led to lack of patience among people, which leads to short tempered nature for which the Anger management program by David can really help. This program can help in building emotional intelligence, self control and developing patience among a person. It also helps a person in improving their communication skills and develops listening skills for better conversations.
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