How to deal with your anger? 3 steps to regain your calm

By October 27, 2020 December 6th, 2020 how to deal with anger

Who in their life has never got angry? Lamented gestures, inappropriate words, violent attitudes… Welcome to the world of humans! Your excess anger bothers you daily, in your relationship or your work. So, how do you manage your anger well? Here is a 3-step method for learning to control your anger – key method made by Atlanta Life Coach.

Reconsider your anger to better manage it

Before discussing the method to manage your anger, let’s clarify the 6 fundamental emotions: fear, anger, sadness, joy, surprise, and disgust. With the custom of separating the so-called positive emotions from the negative, anger is considered a negative emotion. This may indeed be the case, but… not always!

Imagine yourself in a situation where your rights are violated, your freedom restricted, or your respect violated. In these cases, the anger can be legitimate, understandable, or even positive. Anger is not inherently negative; it is the consequences that can become negative. This is why it is important to distinguish between emotion (anger) and what you will do with it (behavior).

Good anger management, therefore, requires this lucidity to differentiate between the two.

Observe your anger

What is going on in your body the moment you get angry? The breath becomes shorter; the hands tremble, the heart speeds up.

So your body speaks to you. As soon as you get these sensations, then yes, you start to get angry. Now you can quickly spot the precise moment when anger manifests itself in you.

Welcome your anger to better control it

Anger is an emotion that you send a message. So accept this message even if it is not very pleasant at first, rather than judge this anger. What does that affect you? Is it a lack of respect?

Usually, anger arises when your values ​​are violated; it is an indicator that highlights what is important to you, which forges your personality.

Adapt your behavior to better control your anger

The first 2 steps allow you to become aware of this anger rising in you and understanding the reasons for it.

The 3rd step asks for the analysis of your behavior. All humans feel emotions, so do the greatest sages. The key to success is what you do with your anger, what are the consequences? How are you going to behave? Will you be able to control yourself? To deal with this anger that is boiling in you?

Each person has their answer; the main thing is to be consistent with their deep values. We at Life Coach Atlanta know that if you feel that you are losing your temper, get out of that context in a conflictual situation. Prefer to leave rather than take it upon yourself and end up exploding. “