Turning Your Anger Into Life Energy

By October 16, 2020 December 6th, 2020 atlanta anger management

“Getting off the hinges” “Being furious”…. Anger can be cold like ice, explosive like a volcano, or even invisible and inaudible. Anger has a thousand faces, and its capacity for harm is inversely proportional to the awareness that one has of its manifestations and its causes.

The coaches at Executive coaching Georgia wants you to ask: How do you live it? Do you repress it, displace it, let yourself be overwhelmed by it, or do you feel it and accept it? How to tame this often badly lived emotion?

Anger is less healthy when it takes you into areas where your behavior gets out of hand. Chronic outbursts of anger can have serious consequences for your social relationships, health, or self-esteem.

The good news is, it’s not too hard to take back control. By taking a little time to understand the reasons for your anger and with some very practical tools, you will quickly learn how to express your feelings in a way that is more in keeping with who you want to be.


• Understanding how emotions work
• Know your warning signs to better accept them
• Learn to channel the emotions of others
• Overcome anger and defuse conflicts
• Learn to relax intellectually, physically, and emotionally

Key Points

• Being able to control your emotions and outward appearance
• Know how to say no positively
• Welcome critics with peace of mind
• Being flexible and firm at the same time: knowing how to adapt
• Analyze your reactions and limits to stress
• Learn to use good management of your emotions to fight stress


• Act more than suffer: rebuild your balance when it is shaken
• Detect, anticipate, prevent and defuse conflicts
• Provide a complete response to stress: intellectual, mental and physical
• Appropriate the techniques that allow to treat and prevent tension
• Manage your emotions while remaining authentic

Nothing is set in stone; you can change and become what you want to be, a calmer, more serene person who controls their anger. This is to deal more calmly with anger situations that you have identified and which bother you. For your greatest happiness and that of those around you, join leadership coaching Atlanta!