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A Bright Future For Executive Coaching – Who Uses Them

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In today’s society coaches are being used in the area of communications, relationships, finances and health. Increasingly, individuals and corporations are utilizing coaches to help address growth and long-term success for middle managers and executives.

Amid the growth and optimism, the coaching industry is still looked upon with enthusiasm and skepticism. The coaching industry has burst on the scene in recent years with very little regulation and oversight. However, as the industry grows we see that credentials, certifications and experience is being vetted more readily.

Executive coaching according to the American Management Association and the Institute for Corporate Productivity defined Coaching as “a short-to medium term relationship between a manager or senior level and a consultant (internal or external) with the purpose of improving work performance.”

Here at I Speak Life Coaching we wanted to bring credibility to the industry and also answer any lingering questions concerning the field of coaching. Here is what we have discovered through research:

*Coaching is used in abut 50 % of North American companies and 55% for
International companies.
*Coaching will be expanded in about 37% of companies currently not using executive
coaches in the near future.
*Coaching is associated with higher performance.
1. They’re more likely to report that their organizations have higher levels of
success in the area of coaching
2. They’re more likely to say that their organizations are performing well in
the market, as determined by self-reports in the combined areas of revenue.
*Coaching is primarily aimed at boosting individual performance.

“Organizations also employ coaches to help with leader transitions(such as promotions, lateral moves, or international assignments), to retain high potentials
to improve performance that is off track, and to help individuals assess where their career is now and where it may go next.”

If, you or your organization are considering hiring an Executive Coach then consider the above stated facts and include Executive Coaching as part of your long term strategy for growth and retention. Remember, the future looks bright for Executive Coaching.

* American Management Association. Coaching: A Global Study of Successful Practices Current Trends and Future Possibilities 2008-2018*

Memorial Day: Memories How They Linger

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Happy Memorial Day!!!

This holiday is about reflecting, remembering, taking a pause, and contemplating. As young children we looked forward to the games, food and playing outdoors with family and neighbors. Most of us got new clothes or took short trips for this special holiday. The real story here is we have enjoyed the excesses of what this holiday brings.

It is the official beginning of wearing white.

My grandmother loved her white. She could be seen on the weekends with white shorts or capri pants on and Sunday mornings with a wide brim white hate to match her crisp white suit. Oh, the memories of that woman in her Sunday frocks. She had a walk to put Naomi Campbell to shame and she would take a room by storm. Memorial day brings up so many old memories for me.

As we fire up the grill, or ready the pool for summer or as we sit and look at old pictures of those who have transitioned, it is okay to just “BE” in the day.

This holiday please don’t forget to be good to yourself. Take the time to laugh, be still, go for a long walk, watch kids play in the park. Take the time to really soak up what it means to be on holiday in this country.

It is my hope that we celebrate the old memories but also create new ones on this day. Start your own traditions.

To all of you , Have Happy Memories!

Peace and Love


Can A Life Coach Iyanla, Fix Your Life?

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Each Saturday many people around the globe tune into “Iyanla, Fix My Life on OWN the Oprah Winfrey Network. We have a front row seat as she indulges our curiosity around life issues. The people she encounters are just like us they are dealing with love, loss, secrets and fears.

The show is helping them come face to face with what is holding them back from living the life they dream of. Iyanla is there to help and coach them into success. Here is an example of her “fixing” the rappers DMX life.


Is this what coaching really is or is it a form of coaching with entertainment?

If, there is anyone who has read her books and spoke with her personally it is me. I have tuned into here career before the cameras started to roll.

However, as I peruse periodically her style and what she represents, I’m a little bit disturbed and concerned. Let me first say the intention of the show is to help people and give them the resources they need to grow and develop. I believe it accomplishes this goal on some level.


As a life coach here in Atlanta, I like to leave my clients emotionally whole and optimistic. Iyanla, comes on the scene  as an expert in all things but one of the guidelines for coaching is you are there to give guidance, direction and insight.

It is the goal of the coach to listen, be empathetic and wait on direction from the client. Our goal is not to bully you, talk down to you or intimidate you into confession. Coaching is not about confession but rather revealing and sharing.

Iyanla is not the standard for coaching. We are not gaveling or screaming at you nor do we  get in your face and God knows we do not crawl around on our knees forcing you to tear  up or weep. No, we are here to be a support and a teacher to all we are entrusted to work with.

I will encourage to take a look at my video it explains what a life coach is and what is the purpose of a life coach.


How To Create The Ultimate Relationship

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Tony Robbins is using  powerful tools to help us in our relationships. Relationships are complicated because sometimes we enter them with out a clarity about intimacy, emotional needs and spiritual needs.


We can have all of our needs met on a high level when we bring into them basic tools to enhance our lives. Many times we enter into these unions wanting someone to fulfill us and make us whole.

Tony Robbins helps us to define why we are in the relationship to begin with. He uses basic examples to make this point very clear. Listed below are some of the traits of having a healthy loving relationships.

1. Love

2. Compassion

3. Respect

4. Trust

5. Passion

6. Enjoyment