Memorial Day: Memories How They Linger

Happy Memorial Day!!!

This holiday is about reflecting, remembering, taking a pause, and contemplating. As young children we looked forward to the games, food and playing outdoors with family and neighbors. Most of us got new clothes or took short trips for this special holiday. The real story here is we have enjoyed the excesses of what this holiday brings.

It is the official beginning of wearing white.

My grandmother loved her white. She could be seen on the weekends with white shorts or capri pants on and Sunday mornings with a wide brim white hate to match her crisp white suit. Oh, the memories of that woman in her Sunday frocks. She had a walk to put Naomi Campbell to shame and she would take a room by storm. Memorial day brings up so many old memories for me.

As we fire up the grill, or ready the pool for summer or as we sit and look at old pictures of those who have transitioned, it is okay to just “BE” in the day.

This holiday please don’t forget to be good to yourself. Take the time to laugh, be still, go for a long walk, watch kids play in the park. Take the time to really soak up what it means to be on holiday in this country.

It is my hope that we celebrate the old memories but also create new ones on this day. Start your own traditions.

To all of you , Have Happy Memories!

Peace and Love