1 in 6 Married Men are on Ashley Madison website.


Marriage is one of the toughest jobs to do, according to a friend, who has been married for twenty years. She went on to say it is harder than “picking cotton” and of course, I laughed out loud at the notion of marriage being that difficult. If anyone knows anything about picking cotton, it is extremely difficult and hard to manage and maintain. As a Life Coach whose clients are predominately female and married the issue of balancing work, family, and civic duties seems to be a driving force in our work together. Women who are working really hard to be their best at work and at home. However with the latest hacking scandal of Ashley Madison, I’m wondering what work are men doing to be their best selves.


One author recently wrote that this is a “wake up call for women” and I would like to add for men as well. Men who are bored, underwhelmed, checked-out, lonely, angry and those who feel entitled to have what they want and how they want it, find themselves seeking affection, pleasure and sensations outside of their marriage is in a crisis as well. This hack of Ashley Madison is our wake up call.


In my relationship series “ 6 Steps To Creating Lasting Intimacy”, I deal with the true nature of what is missing as it relates to a deeper connection. I’m not creating a one-stop shop fix it for marriage but I’m helping people start the process of asking for what they need within a healthy monogamous relationship.


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