What Is A Life Coach And What Do Life Coaches Do

Executive Life Coach In Atlanta Dispels Myths About Life Coach’s Role And How They Can Be Useful Online

Hello everyone. This is David Smith. Your Atlanta-based life coach at I Speak Life Coaching. Thank you for joining this classroom discussion around the importance of  life coaching. Today we want to stick with the subject matter of what is life coaching.


Life Coaching is a journey of personal and professional discovery

Each of you who is listening to this audio recording has had the benefit of having friends and family and parents, therapist, consultants, advisors. People that you have entrusted with certain information.

So why did you choose those people? Probably because they embody certain characteristics that you trust. Their great listeners. They speak wisdom. They have your best interest at heart. And they’re non-judgmental.

If we look back over the span of your life we probably have chosen people that embody some of those or perhaps all of those characteristics.

Well the same applies to life coaching. Coaching embodies all of those characteristics, but most importantly, coaching is an area which you can move forward in your life. Life Coaching primarily is set up to take you from one place to the other – from where you are to where you want to go.

The coach’s job is to unlock any areas in your life that you find unreachable, any blind spots that you may not see and also help you build the confidence to move forward in areas that are important to you.

Also life coaching is a co-active experience. You get the best results from life coaching when you fully participate in that experiments. Each coach has his/her own model in which they use to help their clients.

Here at I Speak Life Coaching we look at four different areas:

  1. Relationships
  2. Spirituality
  3. Health
  4. Wellness

Why those four particular areas? Those four particular areas often times 1 or half or all four are dealt with at any given moment in our coaching session. And also, we look at the holistic wheel of people’s lives.

Your life is like the spokes of a wheel. Together, holistically, each area of your life is inter-connected.

I believe in the systematic approach to achieving one’s goals. Why the systematic approach? Because we all operate in a system.

It is like an engine of a car. The car may ride well, but if there’s a piston off, or the shocks are not working well or there is a gasket leak somewhere – or there’s a piston that’s not firing correctly. The car may run. It may take you from point a to point B. But the ride isn’t smooth. It isn’t an enjoyable ride.

Matter of fact, being in the car doesn’t put you at ease. It makes you uncomfortable. It makes you feel insecure because you know something is wrong. You just don’t know how to fix it,

Well that’s Life Coaching. We look at the complete engine of your life and we try to find ways in which we can fine tune your life.

Our lives are well oiled machines. When something isn’t working, the whole machine can get out of whack.

But you must be fully willing to participate in the experience. And those engines that we look at around business and relationships, health and wellness and spirituality. We look at the mind. We look at the heart. We look at the soul. We look at the environment.

All of those areas you bring into the life coaching experience is what we want to develop in you and partner with you and support you as your coach.

What’s the difference between a Life coach and a therapist?

Unlike therapists, life coaches don’t dwell on the past. They take you from where you are to where you want to be.

The therapist is trained to look at you historically – look at behaviors and look at environmental impacts on you, historically. They look at family of origin, or different choices you’ve made based upon your history because they want to make the connection between where you have been to where you are. And they do a phenomenal job in doing that.

And also, they are required by insurance companies to keep certain records and to report any findings that may impact you on a personal level.

What do I mean by that? They have a client confidentiality but they also are required to report whether there is self injury in place. They are required by law and by insurance companies to report certain findings. That’s primarily the therapist’s job.

Also what happens in the therapist’s experience is that they kind of stay there for a while. You could be sitting on the therapist’s coach for 3-5 years looking at and delving into all of those areas which is very important.

Life coaching is unlike any other industry. We take you from where you are, to where you want to go. It’s short. It’s quick. It’s short term results. Expect a 3-6 month or maximum of a year relationship.

And so with that being said – there is no record keeping. We set goals. We set out to make sure that that you are meeting your goals without all this legal ramblings .

Do we have an interest in your history? Absolutely. Do we have an interest in what may have impacted where you are today? Absolutely!!! Do we stay locked into that particular area? No?

You bring us the goals and we will give you the tools it takes to reach those goals.

That’s why life coaching is so different from being a therapist and why life coaching is so important. It is a beautiful, harmonizing relationship that one can have with another person without any judgment. It embodies so much love, trust, respect, and honor.

Thanks for sitting in on this brief classroom discussion around life coaching. I look forward to checking back in with you and seeing where you are on your journey.

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