Part 2 – Online Coaching Around Manhood and Defining It For Ourselves

Defining Manhood For Ourselves – Life Coaching Exercise

Hi everyone. Here’s the 2nd part of our series on manhood and defining masculinity. If you haven’t reviewed part 1 of this series, you can find it here.

In our 1st in part 1 of this blog post we looked at manhood, how it’s defined, how we define it for ourselves, some of the products that we use and we used Allen Iverson as an example. We talked about some of his losses and his successes.

We looked at several things including the notion held by Dr. Joseph Stolewell that  manhood is running on 3 pistons -pride, passion, and pleasure.

As we wrap up this conversation on manhood and masculinity, we want to go deeper into you where we are and how we can be the man that we want to be. We must deal with our past, our pain, pride and how we walked in the world.


In some ways, this lesson is about stopping the bleeding. We have to deal with how we’ve been socialized as boys who grew up to be men. We have to deal with the messages that we were given, how we were told to behave, and how we were told to walk in the world.

My goal in this lesson is to help us stop the bleeding. Let’s stop walking in our lives in pain and not dealing with our shame or inadequacies.

When the living someone else’s dream or you just haven’t let yourself off the hook for something that happened in your past, today is the day you can stop the bleeding. Stop the bleeding my friend.