Part 1 – Coaching Around Manhood

As someone passionate about life coaching and about where I live work play it’s not often that I can turn off the lenses and the way in which I see the world.

So recently in the media, there’s been a lot of talk about Allen Iverson. Allen Iverson is probably one of the most notarized basketball players in our time. He had a long career with the Philadelphia 76ers, was named the most valuable player for the 2000 to 2001 season and led his team to the 2001 NBA finals the same year.


Iverson represented the United States at the 2004 Summer Olympics, winning the bronze medal. He also played for the Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons and the Memphis Grizzlies, before returning to the 76ers for part of the 2009-2010 season.

It is actually rated the 5th greatest NBA shooting guard of all time at ESPN in 2008.

Much of the press that Iverson has gotten lately has not been pleasant, however. There’ve been talks of domestic disturbances, bankruptcy, and just a lot of the kinds of press you don’t want.

As a life coach, based here in Atlanta, I couldn’t help but look for the lessons in everything that’s been reported by the media in taking place.

So so I created a two-part series just talking about manhood, defining what it looks like, how do we break out of those molds, and some of the takeaways for us is man as for and for those who care about men.

Masculinity and our traditional definitions of it come from the media, our families, and a host of different sources. But how we truly define manhood is up to us.

I hope you enjoy these next couple of posts and share with me what your definition of manhood is and how we can all become better stewards of the world around us.