Oprah has created a phenomenal eight-city tour this summer. Women and some men are filling stadiums to see and experience her and her team of self-help guru’s. Those who are in attendance are given an opportunity to bask in the Oprah glow for a weekend filled with empowering messages. The attendees are given gift bags and are guided to purchase additional resources in the merchandise area, so they can do the work beyond the weekend. Oprah has assembled a star studded team to drive the message home. The event is “life changing”. Oprah is challenging them to mind their “energy fields and their intentions” and she walks them through a worksheet given within the program and the women take time to fill out their life wheel /cycle. It is a powerful moment to witness the silence/stillness of these 20,000 seat arenas. Each person is wearing a special glow in the dark wrist band which illuminates the entire arena. People are mystified and teary-eyed. Winfrey knows what she is doing. Now, what is next? The weekend is over and the gift bag is emptied and what are people going to do with all they were given?

I Speak Life Coaching has created a powerful five-week audio “Unleashing The Power Within”. This online workshop will take you to the next phase of creating the Life You Want!!! It is free!!! No gimmicks. I will support the work that Oprah started.

Click on the video and get started today. You have the power to move your life forward. You do not have to do it alone.


David S. Smith