Organizational leadership is serious business. Leaders impact the climate, culture and environment of their organizations. Organizational leadership behaviors have a direct influence on actions in the work environment that enable growth and change. Leading requires the use of a diverse set of communication techniques to deliver appropriate messages, solicit feedback, create readiness with a sense of urgency and motivate recipients to act. Leaders are responsible for communicating to the organization any new strategies or a new direction for the future. In order for leaders to get employees to participate and produce they must be able to trust you and your leadership style. Leadership style is a driving force for any organization. One of the more effective leadership styles is Transformational Leadership.

Transformational Leadership involves five key elements:

1. Coaching– as process of improving performance and developing synergistic relationship

2. Communication– delivering relevant information with regard to the organization.

3. Motivating– is the influence or drive that causes us to behave in a specific manner.

4. Rewarding– a compensation that recognizes employees for the right performance.

5. Promoting Teamwork– enable members working cooperatively with one another to achieve more than working independently.

To be an effective leader understand your leadership style and your leadership philosophy.