No More Spanks or Squeezing In That Gut!! This is Your Year

Goal Setting and Success

Happy New Year, we are excited about what the future holds for you. you ready to move forward with the dreams and hopes you have set forth in the New Year? We here at I Speak Life Coaching would like to give you some simple tools to help you reach all of your goals.


Have you made any declarations for the New Year? Are you ready to thrive? Are you still fussing over those last 10 pounds? Are you still thinking about returning to school? Do you dream but cant seem to execute? Let me say, you are not alone.

In order for you to set the goals and make the declarations, you need a change of mind. This is the year of change, excited, love and expectation. In order for you to catch the wave and move in the right direction, you must change your mind.

You control what goes into your brain and what comes of of your brain. Put in good information and you get good results and the same is true for bad information. The work here is not just on the treadmill or on the business plan but it must involve a reprogramming of your mind.

The fight for greatness starts in the mind and then moves in the greater parts of our lives. You must take charge of what you are thinking and what you believe.
James Allen said ” as a man thinketh so is he”, that statement holds true today. When we begin to align our minds with our thoughts and actions, then we can accomplish all we desire and hope.

Your goals are attainable and you can past by those but in order for you to be apart of this new wave, then you must change your mind and also change your heart.