Meet David Shawn Smith – Supporting clients in Executive Presence, Talent and Team Development and Life Coaching

        Hello and welcome! My name is David Shawn Smith and I am an Atlanta Based Executive and Personal Life Coach, welcome to my page. I have been in the field of human development for more than 15 years. In addition to my years of experience, I have a B.A. in Communications and Rhetoric and M.S. in Leadership and Coaching and certifications in Executive Coaching and Anger Management.
        Through interacting with people throughout the years I have come to understand something very fundamental. Regardless of backgrounds, type of organization or current situations, people are looking to survive and thrive as human beings. That means eliminating stress and understanding that we may not be able to handle everything all on our own. And that is where I come in. At the end of the day, I can’t solve all of your problems, but I can give you the tools and resources so that you will be able to tackle anything that comes your way. As a professional executive and life coach, I am able to help focus organizational processes and team dynamics, improve upon company deficiencies and help shape and mold your team into something that performs better and more efficient.

What Do Life Coaches Even Do?

I know my gift on this planet is to help co-create with clients the life they are seeking. In my practice, I use the Murray Bowen Family Systems model. Sort of like a personal dashboard, this model helps us see where we are holistically in our own lives. When we understand each important part of our lives are locked into each other, then we can begin to look into this in a more mindful way.

Whether your organization is a US based company, or it is internationally based, I have the experience of shaping across cultures in order to find what works best for your organization. I have conducted international and national retreats in which the organizational leadership and I can really get down to business and determine the best path forward for them and their organizations.

Team dynamics can make or break a work environment. As such, getting that part of the formula is essential for the leadership of a company. I am able to delicately come in and assess the situation and give you a clear picture of the type of organization you are promoting and how that effects your team’s morale and effectiveness.

If you’d like to learn more about my philosophy on Life Coaching and how I think it differs from psychotherapy, visit our what does a life coach do post.

If you are in an unfulfilling career, it impacts your whole system, which includes, family, money, relationships, health and much more.

Using this systems approach gives the client and me the direct correlation between all that might be happening when one part is off.

What Can I Do For You or Your Organization?

  • Bring Clarity to your life
  • Achieve better balance
  • Set goals for your life
  • Know your strengths and enjoy your life
  • Learn to appreciate who you are
  • Resolve personal and professional problems
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Change
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Public Speaking
  • Training Facilitating
  • 360 Feedback
  • Recruiting
  • Assessments
  • Talent Development
  • Goal Planning
  • Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Building
  • Process Improvement

Technology companies, and companies that have a high turnover rate of employees learn very quickly the key to keeping people happy with their working environment. As a professional executive coach, with experience working alongside of some of Silicon Valley’s finest, I know what can make and break a company in such an environment. Being in a pre-IPO business cycle can create stresses and pressure that other fields simply do not have, and if you are looking for a trusted and experienced coach in this field then look no farther.

I have had the pleasure to professionally work with various levels of leadership in companies. And that is the best part, no matter where you are at in your career or your business’s. My lessons and my advice are universal. I specialize in helping Fortune 500 companies, startups that are in their pre-IPO phase and various outreach and young people programs.

Some of the incredible companies that I have had the pleasure working with include: Twillio, Eventbrite, Shipt, RainFocus, Bluebeam, Segment, Thumbtack, Bosch, Macys, Workday, NextEra Energy,Frank Rimerman, Jungle Scout, Clari, Circle Up, Bolt, Landed, Cypress Creek Renewables, Checkr and a host of non-profits, universities and other institutions of higher learning.

My Pledge To You As Your or Your Organization’s Talent Development Coach

As your coach, I make the pledge to you that I will tell you the hard truths; improving is about your personal and professional desires and me helping you achieve those goals. At times though, this can take the form of realistic assessment of what you need and how can reach that goal together. Coaching is not a do this and that will happen concept for me; it is reaching deep, planning and allowing you to come through and out of your experience whole and complete.


I am your organizations advisor, part visionary, part cheerleader. As your executive leadership coach, it is my joy to help you gain more in personal development, self-discovery, clarity, balance, satisfaction, self-improvement and success. My clients say that I help them to align their personal missions and visions and this helps them make better choices and live a more unique and fulfilled life.

If you are ready for more joy, happiness, motivation, organization and self-confidence, then let’s schedule a collaborative interview so we can get to know each other better and discuss how you can start living your best life.