Here’s what you don’t know right now

At this very moment your company is most definitely looking at its bottom line. I mean everything.

There counting the number of employees, benefits, stock options, and measuring it against some Wall Street metric that we haven’t even heard of. Your company is looking at the cost of doing business where and with whom they’ve hired. Your leader’s been asked to look at who can be let go and who should stay…..just in case.

They are looking at past performance reviews, 360 feedbacks and already identified who their top performers are. Again….just in case things get worse.

Think – “…how can we get by on less…”

You want to be in the top performer column.

And you want to be able to at a moment’s notice name your price and go where you want to go with your career, your geographical location, and your rank.

Stripe is paying its employees to move away to another location. Think they’re thinking about changing their Home Office? But guess what, this also comes with a pay cut.

Just look at what the banks are doing. They are making employees come in, but their rotating their schedules. And just recently, as a result, they had at least one employee test positive for the virus.

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So your 1st priority should be your mental health. If you’re not healthy and you’re not performing at your highest level, this isn’t going to work.

Watch this training I did with the Better Business Bureau here in Georgia recently

Your mental health is of the utmost important period I can’t stress that enough we’re six months in and some of my clients are still struggling with setting boundaries, routines and keeping their work phone calls at bay late at night.

Part Two of our conversation here:

In addition to making sure your mental health is intact, you’ve got to make sure that you’re working efficiently.

One of the local TV stations tapped me to give advice on how to work officially at home. Here’s what I shared:


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