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I am sure that you have gone through seasons of changes in which uncertainty did not allow you to push correctly. Being a Success Coach in Atlanta, I would even…

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5 Tips Atlanta Movers & Shakers Must Know When Choosing a Life Coach

If you’re reading this today, you already know one of the best investments you can ever make is in yourself.

That’s exactly what life coaching is: an investment in YOU.

As with any type of investment, you’ll find a wealth of options at your disposal when it comes to life coaches. There are dozens of different approaches to coaching (from executive coaching to hiring a business coach), and hundreds of philosophies concerning the best way to help others reach their full potential.

Because no two people are the same, and no two people have the same dreams, fears or goals, no two people need the same things from the same life coach. You don’t have the same needs your mentors have, or the same fears your best friends have, or the same goals your brothers and sisters have. As a high achiever and someone that counts, it’s crucial you choose a life coach who will push you to reach your ultimate goals.

But how do you actually DO this?

Well, once you’ve decided you are genuinely ready to change your life and put in the work to move forward to an even more glittering future, you should take complete stock of where you are and what your goals are. This simple but crucial foundation can help ensure you pick the best life coach for YOU.

Considerations When Choosing Your Life Coach

Like we said above, you need a life coach committed to working with you to get to your end goals, but to do that you need to first choose one from the seemingly endless options.

Get started by thinking about what you actually need…

1. What Exactly Do You Need From a Life Coach?

There are several different types of life coaches, depending on what need help with. Many people choose to hire a general life coach, but there are coaches who specialize in specific areas of life as well.

If you struggle in relationships, there are relationship coaches. If you need a health and wellness coach to help you get and remain healthy, you’re spoiled for choice. Same when it comes to business, holistic practices, investing, or entrepreneurship.

When choosing your coach, don’t be afraid to be a bit demanding. If you need guidance when it comes to business, but you’re doing just fine in the relationship department, don’t waste your time with a relationship coach, and instead focus wholeheartedly on getting the business advice you really need.

Time spent at this stage can save you a great deal of headaches later down the track.

2. What’s Your Budget?

Investing in yourself is one of the most important things you can do, but you’ve got to realize it comes with a price. That price is not only monetary, either. You need to be willing to invest time, effort, and emotions if you want tangible results. Nobody will suddenly cause changes to happen in your life if you don’t put in the work.

You must be completely committed to the process or you’re wasting your time as well the time of the life coach you hire.

Be sure to be realistic when you are assembling a shortlist of life coaches. Don’t waste your time researching coaches charging way more than your budget.

Now you’re clearer about what you expect from a life coach and how much you can realistically afford to spend hiring one, it’s time to double down on the credentials and track record of the coach in question…

3. Is This Coach Successful?

Ask for references. Look at the results of others who have worked with his coach. Social proof is immensely valuable.

You’re likely to have similar goals as those who have used the services of this coach before, so check to see if they got results similar to the ones you are hoping to get.

Also, be sure to look at what this coach has achieved in their personal life. If your goal is financial independence but your life coach doesn’t appear to doing so well, perhaps reconsider. Same for a relationship coach. If you want a stable relationship but your coach is on marriage number 5, they are quite likely not going to be the best person to help you reach your goals.

As a side note, it’s also worth looking for a life coach who continues to invest in coaching himself.

4. How Do You Want To Meet With Your Coach?

Choosing and using a local life coach is the best fit for many people, but it’s certainly not the only option up for grabs.

Life coaching is a type of service that doesn’t require you to meet in-person to get results. With video calls, you needn’t be limited to life coaches in your geographical area.

Try not to choose a life coach based simply on how close their office is to yours. This might be sound practice for your dentist selection, but not necessarily when it comes to your choice of life coach. Most of the work you put in can just as easily be carried out by video call or on the phone. Even if you do choose a local life coach, it might sometimes still be more convenient to speak over the phone than it to meet up face-to-face.

5. Do You Want A Customized Approach Or Structured Path?

This goes along with what we discussed earlier about there the varying philosophies and methodologies among life coaches.

Some life coaches have very detailed, methodical and structured step-by-step plans for you to follow in order to reach your goals. This is perfectly fine and is the wisest, most effective course of action for many people.

Other life coaches develop more personalized plans for you that unfold as you go along. This method is also fantastic for some people.

As with every aspect of choosing a life coach, there’s no right or wrong answer. Taking the time and trouble to frankly analyze your needs while being realistic about budget will maximize your chance of getting the right life coach for you and smashing your goals out the park.

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