Work- LifeBalance is, at best, an elusive ideal and at worst a complete myth according to the Harvard Business Review. I do believe it is attainable. The idea of balance allows leaders to choose how they will interact with work, family and community.

But what is balance? It is critical to understand what it is so that you can practice it for yourself. What balance is for you may not be balance for the next person. Over time, life changes and we look at balance differently than when we are single versus when we are married or having children or dealing with ill parents. So, achieving balance is like hitting a moving target on most days.

Balance can be in achieving optimal fulfillment in the areas of work, family, fun, health, spirituality and community.


  • Is your schedule balanced?
  • Have you planned your approach to balance?
  • How did you fit the essential compartments of balance into your routine?
  • What is keeping you from maintaining balance?


  • Do you lead with your authentic self?
  • What do you believe about yourself?
  • Where are the incongruences in your life?


  • What are the values that guide you?
  • Where my values and beliefs in alignment this week?
  • What am I doing to mature your values?


  • Are your choices and actions causing you pain?
  • How you project yourself each day?
  • Am you saying yes when you know that you should say no and why?


Six Simple Steps to Achieving Balance

  1. Decide how much time is ideal for you in each of the important areas of your life.
  2. Be patient with your yourself
  3. Wisely manage the technology you use everyday.
  4. Create a support network
  5. Get your rest
  6. Make YOU your biggest priority