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Oprah’s “The Life You Want To Live”

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Oprah has created a phenomenal eight-city tour this summer. Women and some men are filling stadiums to see and experience her and her team of self-help guru’s. Those who are in attendance are given an opportunity to bask in the Oprah glow for a weekend filled with empowering messages. The attendees are given gift bags and are guided to purchase additional resources in the merchandise area, so they can do the work beyond the weekend. Oprah has assembled a star studded team to drive the message home. The event is “life changing”. Oprah is challenging them to mind their “energy fields and their intentions” and she walks them through a worksheet given within the program and the women take time to fill out their life wheel /cycle. It is a powerful moment to witness the silence/stillness of these 20,000 seat arenas. Each person is wearing a special glow in the dark wrist band which illuminates the entire arena. People are mystified and teary-eyed. Winfrey knows what she is doing. Now, what is next? The weekend is over and the gift bag is emptied and what are people going to do with all they were given?

I Speak Life Coaching has created a powerful five-week audio “Unleashing The Power Within”. This online workshop will take you to the next phase of creating the Life You Want!!! It is free!!! No gimmicks. I will support the work that Oprah started.

Click on the video and get started today. You have the power to move your life forward. You do not have to do it alone.


David S. Smith

For Sisters Only, V-103 Atlanta and Mo Ivory/Mo Knows

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For Sisters Only, Atlanta GA, Radio Station V-103

Me with Mo Ivory from V-103.

I was really happy to bring I Speak Life Coaching to the masses. During the event, I was able to share what is a life coach and what are the benefits of a life coach and what are some of the signs in your life that you might need a coach. The discussions covered career choices, relationships, health and goal setting. People are investing in their lives in a meaningful way and hiring a coach seems to be a part of that investment.

I Speak Life offered free 30 minute consultations to all who came by the table and we also offered them a free five week course ” Unlocking the Fire Within.”

Take a look at the pictures and you can see that we represented well here in Atlanta and we look forward to sharing more with the community in the near future.

Leave me a comment.

See you soon!!!


I Speak Life Coaching

I Know What You Did This Summer

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Well it’s the last week of summer which means its getting time to put the boat away, send the kids to school, get the grill ready for tailgating, and get ready for the holidays.

It also means that it’s time to assess the last quarter of the year.

Have you been thinking about how the year has just flown? Does it feel like the kids are growing up so fast? Do you sometimes sit and wonder how time waits for no one? These thoughts are what drives us to move through life with grace or with regrets.

Tina turner who turned 73 this year and she decided it was time to marry and put her life in order. The rock star took the time to make the important decisions around life, love and legacy. She made up her mind that the next act of her life will be about “pleasure.”

In order for us to come to terms with who we are, we must develop a deep belief in ourselves. I will let Tina Turner sing us into the next quarter of the year. The song “Simply The Best”, is the message for us on this day. We are simply the best woman, man, friend, lover, partner and human being on this planet.

I know what you did this summer, you forgot to put yourself on the list. You managed your career, your children, took care of parents, but somehow forgot to take care of you. Good news, you still have time to place you at the top of the list.

You are the best and like Tine Turner sings “Simply The Best.”

Have a great rest of the summer.

I Speak Life Coaching

I Speak Life Coaching

Your Apology Is Accepted

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We have all been in a position where we had to apologize. The dreaded act of confronting ourselves with our own bad behavior is never easy but it is something we all must do periodically. How do we then make the right heart felt apology? Our patterns may have been to point the blame or make the apology but some how take it back in the same breathe. The apology allows us to own our mistakes but to also clear up any misunderstanding from all parties involved. The author Dream Hampton gives us five steps to an apology.

1. Say I’m Sorry
2. Here’s my understanding of how I hurt you.
3. I will never do this again.
4. Here’s how I’m going to make this right.
5. Please forgive me.

These powerful steps should be a guideline to help us navigate the apology with ease and with care. Also, take a look at the video and see how communication is vital in the art of the apology.

Let me know your thoughts

Dream Big: A Motivational Moment

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Today, take a few moments to think about your life. In this fast paced world, where everything is available to us in an instant, it is getting harder and harder for us to sit with ourselves. Sit and let thoughts come through us and to us from a place of harmony and peace. If, we do contemplate sitting with ourselves we often times recognize how fast our minds are racing. We are always thinking about what needs to be done and what didn’t get done.

I would like to offer you this moment to listen to a powerful video on dreams and not giving up. If, you are the young student trying to figure it all out or the seasoned adult wondering where did all the time go. This video will motivate you to think big and dream big. It is never too late to start again and start a new. Never, give up on what you know in your soul that you must do. The world is waiting on you.

The world needs your gifts and talents. I know you might be in the middle of a divorce or a health scare or you are that artist trying to showcase your work, even so, we need you. You are waiting on you. The world needs you but you need you the most. Get up, shake yourself and let your wildest dreams come forward. Go for it!!!

We need your voice, gifts, talents and your dreams. You can manifest your hearts desire on today and let this video be the starting point to moving yourself forward. Process who you are and what you know to be true about you and move your feet and live your life. Live your life!!!

I want to mention, you will need some tissue because the video will awaken your true nature and you will shed a tear because your Truth is rising to the top.

Enjoy and Dream!!!

Good Relationship Advice: Life Coaching: Ask For What you Want

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Relationships are here to help us grow and expand in our lives. If you want to know more about who you are and what you are made of then a good healthy relationship can be great ground to start.

You might find yourself in a great relationship and things are going good but it could be better. How do you go from good to great? One main key component is you must be willing to ask for what you want.

Ask for what you despite and what you need. You can assume your lover, wife, husband or partner knows what those need are and it is unfair for you to punish them for not knowing what they are. When you open your mouth and ask for what you want several things happen

1. You allow them to get closer to you.
2. You give them options in their decision making.
3. You then can make better decisions as it relates to you moving forward.

The relationship can not grow if you are not clear and transparent in your relationship. For instance, if you need more intimacy and you have not made that clear to your partner, they may think you want sex. When, in fact you want more conversation, more cuddling, more dinner talk or pillow talk because it makes you feel secure and valued.

In this video you will get straight up no chaser, good relationship advice and hopefully you will use these tools to help strengthen your partnership.

I’m your Life Coach David Shawn Smith. Thank You

Part 2 – Online Coaching Around Manhood and Defining It For Ourselves

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Defining Manhood For Ourselves – Life Coaching Exercise

Hi everyone. Here’s the 2nd part of our series on manhood and defining masculinity. If you haven’t reviewed part 1 of this series, you can find it here.

In our 1st in part 1 of this blog post we looked at manhood, how it’s defined, how we define it for ourselves, some of the products that we use and we used Allen Iverson as an example. We talked about some of his losses and his successes.

We looked at several things including the notion held by Dr. Joseph Stolewell that  manhood is running on 3 pistons -pride, passion, and pleasure.

As we wrap up this conversation on manhood and masculinity, we want to go deeper into you where we are and how we can be the man that we want to be. We must deal with our past, our pain, pride and how we walked in the world.


In some ways, this lesson is about stopping the bleeding. We have to deal with how we’ve been socialized as boys who grew up to be men. We have to deal with the messages that we were given, how we were told to behave, and how we were told to walk in the world.

My goal in this lesson is to help us stop the bleeding. Let’s stop walking in our lives in pain and not dealing with our shame or inadequacies.

When the living someone else’s dream or you just haven’t let yourself off the hook for something that happened in your past, today is the day you can stop the bleeding. Stop the bleeding my friend.



Part 1 – Coaching Around Manhood

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As someone passionate about life coaching and about where I live work play it’s not often that I can turn off the lenses and the way in which I see the world.

So recently in the media, there’s been a lot of talk about Allen Iverson. Allen Iverson is probably one of the most notarized basketball players in our time. He had a long career with the Philadelphia 76ers, was named the most valuable player for the 2000 to 2001 season and led his team to the 2001 NBA finals the same year.


Iverson represented the United States at the 2004 Summer Olympics, winning the bronze medal. He also played for the Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons and the Memphis Grizzlies, before returning to the 76ers for part of the 2009-2010 season.

It is actually rated the 5th greatest NBA shooting guard of all time at ESPN in 2008.

Much of the press that Iverson has gotten lately has not been pleasant, however. There’ve been talks of domestic disturbances, bankruptcy, and just a lot of the kinds of press you don’t want.

As a life coach, based here in Atlanta, I couldn’t help but look for the lessons in everything that’s been reported by the media in taking place.

So so I created a two-part series just talking about manhood, defining what it looks like, how do we break out of those molds, and some of the takeaways for us is man as for and for those who care about men.

Masculinity and our traditional definitions of it come from the media, our families, and a host of different sources. But how we truly define manhood is up to us.

I hope you enjoy these next couple of posts and share with me what your definition of manhood is and how we can all become better stewards of the world around us.